Aquatic Based Physical Therapy

Blue Lagune Therapy offers pool therapy, which provides patients an ideal atmosphere for progressive early intervention, with activities and exercises designed to achieve positive treatment results. When aquatic therapy is recommended, our therapist will develop a customized exercise program, including hands-on therapy, for each patient.

Water provides a safe, comforting, and relaxed environment for gentle, weightless exercise. Simply standing in water that is chest deep reduces your weight by 80%, and waist-deep reduces your weight by 50%. By using the buoyancy of the water, we are able to reduce the stress on the involved joints, soft tissue, and musculature...allowing more movement and function with less pain. Patients are able to progress more rapidly by beginning in a reduced stress environment in the water, and slowly progressing the patient back into a normal environment outside of the water.

Aquatic intervention may include the following:

Who will benefit from Aquatic Therapy?
Aquatic Therapy is helpful for anyone that is in need of physical therapy or rehabilitation. Experience and research has shown that an aquatic environment is the most beneficial environment to rehabilitate in, especially for early intervention. Aquatic Therapy can benefit any of the following conditions:

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy (through effects of buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, viscosity, currents, and temperature of the water)