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Does Covid-19 spread in the pool?
The answer is No.

Verified by the CDC, International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association, and Higher Council for Scientific Research - "No, the Covid-19 does not spread in swimming pools or hot tubs."

Our facility is maintained, cleaned and disinfected daily. The pool filtration system is checked on daily and throughout the day to maintain its proper cleaning procedures. We also maintain less then capacity level to assure everyone staying within the social distancing.

KHOU 11 Houston - Verify: Is there evidence Covid-19 spreads in pools or hot tubs?

The leading provider of Physical Therapy is proud to welcome you to Blue Lagune Therapy. Our primary focus is aquatic therapy, and is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art 11,000 sq. foot facility including a 2500 sq. foot heated therapeutic exercise pool and a full sized gym. The primary objective at Blue Lagune Therapy is to provide our patients with the best quality care available in order to restore independent mobility and function. Therapy sessions include active treatment, as well as education on how Physical Therapy and other natural solutions will be beneficial. Our focus is based on each individual patient, and meeting their specific individual goals.

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